Blatchford Prosthetics

Blatchford Brand Prosthetics

Blatchford Prosthetics is one of the most well-recognized brands designed for people that lead an active lifestyle. They provide custom devices for people with lower limb amputations, including ankle, lower leg, and knee artificial limbs. In addition to specializing in the lower limbs, they are also known for designing prosthetics that can aid amputees and their care providers in making the right decision for care.

Prosthetics and Accessories For Active Lifestyles

Blatchford Prosthetics also has other accessories to support people’s wellness journey. In addition, they offer popular products, including adapters, above-knee models, and more.

  • Ankles And Adapters
  • Above-Knee Devices
  • Prosthetics And Accessories
  • Feet Systems
  • Microprocessor Knees
  • Stockings
  • Liners

These products can be used with other equipment, such as their liners and stockings, or you can opt for using Blatchford’s powerful and updated limbs. They are famous for their “blade” design, making it easy to use and maintain in their Linx system.

Blatchford Is Recognized Around the World

Many people might have seen Blatchford products worn by athletes and marathon runners of all ages. Some of the most famous and recognizable products offered by Blatchford Prosthetics include the Linx. The Linx is a fully integrated limb system that uses state-of-the-art technology to sense and analyze a person’s movement. Linx offers a natural walking experience that is unlike any other. Other recognizable products from Blatchford include:

  • BMK2
  • Child’s 4-Bar Knee
  • Compact SAKL
  • ESK+
  • ESK+ MKL
  • KX07
  • Avalon
  • Blade
  • Echelon
  • Elite

Advanced Innovation Since 1890

Blatchford Prosthetics was founded in 1890 and has won numerous awards for its approach to designing artificial limbs. In addition, they have won awards and have various accomplishments.

  • MacRobert Award (2016)
  • German Design Award (2017)
  • Medical Design Award (2017)
  • Creators Of The First Commercially Available Hydraulic Ankle
  • Creators Of The First Microprocessor-Controlled Hydraulic Ankle
  • Creators Of The World’s First Fully Integrated Limb System

It is no surprise that Blatchford continues to lead the way in artificial limb design, with its simple and elegant blade design capturing the beauty and functionality of the foot and ankle system. They also offer consultations to help caretakers and physicians make the best choice for amputees. Some of their newest products even offer Bluetooth and a sensory array, making it an excellent choice for those needing continued support for high activity levels.

Find Blatchford Prosthetics at Evolve

At Evolve Prosthetics and Orthotics, we’re proud to offer Blatchford Prosthetics in Henderson and Las Vegas. You can find custom prosthetics to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your health goals, match your lifestyle, and improve your quality of life. Shop our online selection or visit us today.

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