Above The Elbow Prosthetic Arms

Above The Elbow Prosthetic Arms

For above the elbow prosthetic arms that fit, feel, and move just right, you can rely on Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics in Las Vegas. Whether you are pre-surgery, a new amputee, or old-hat at all of this and ready to upgrade your AE prosthesis, we can help you with both fully custom and off-the-shelf options.

Don’t settle for anything less than the high-quality upper limb that you deserve. We love our “hard to fit” patients. Let’s get you into an AE you’ll love.

  • AE Shrinker Process
  • Liner Choice & Fitting
  • Your First Socket Casting
  • AE Diagnostic Socket
  • Carbon Fiber Final Socket
  • Size & Fit Adjustments

Getting Ready For Your New Arm

Unlike some other types of prosthetics, upper extremities don’t necessarily require you to go through a shrinker process. If you and your doctor do decide to start with an AE shrinker, you’re setting yourself up for success. This compression process gets your residual limb shaped and desensitized sooner for a more successful early experience.

Most of the time, as an AE prosthetic user, you won’t need to use a liner. Sometimes, comfort or the unique shape of your upper arm will call for one. We can fit you with an OTS or fully custom liner.

Types Of AE Prosthetics

Now, we decide on the type of above the elbow prosthetic arm you want. Our prosthetists will go over the different options available, the pros and cons of each, and how we can customize them for you.

  • Body Powered Prosthetic Arms
  • Myoelectric Arms
  • Hybrid Prosthetic Arms
  • Cosmetic Arms

Body Powered Prosthetic Arms

These hook-and-pulley arms, use your own body movements to control your prosthetic. Since this limb is powered by a system of straps, you will wear a harness. Donning and doffing feels similar to putting on a backpack. The pressure you put on the harness is what moves the elbow and opens or closes your hand or hook.

Myoelectric Arms — Externally Powered Options

With a myoelectric, or externally powered, prosthetic arm, you flex your residual biceps and triceps to move your elbow and hand. These muscle movements send electrical signals to a motor. The motor runs on rechargeable batteries. You can also use switches or a touch pad to control the motor if muscle-generated energy isn’t an option.

These microprocessor arms can give you greater dexterity, functionality, pinch, and grip than a body-powered prosthetic.

Hybrid Above The Elbow Prosthetics

You might choose a below-the-shoulder, above the elbow prosthetic arm that relies on a combination of body power and external power. A body-powered elbow and electrically-controlled hand is a popular option.

Cosmetic-Only Prosthetic Arms

If you are more concerned with the look of your new arm and not necessarily how it works, you may ask your prosthetist about a passive, cosmetic above the elbow option. You don’t have to worry about a heavy, high-maintenance prosthetic hand if you don’t really need one. You can pick one that looks the best to you.

Casting & Diagnostics — Ensuring A Great Fit

Next, we’ll cast your residual limb for a diagnostic socket. This first AE prosthetic is made of clear plastic, so we can see how things are fitting and ensure the best socket fit possible.

Custom Carbon Fiber Final Sockets

Your final limb will be usually be made of carbon fiber and include the upper arm socket, elbow, and hand combination you decided on. You may even be sporting some exciting, custom artwork that shows off your personality. We often get requests for unique patterns, favorite colors, sports teams, and favorite superhero themes.

Size & Fit Adjustments — Getting Everything Just Right

Even after you have your final prosthetic arm, we’ll want you to practice putting it on and taking it off in the office. We’ll go over how your new limb works, common troubleshooting, and signs of any potential issues that might come up. Expect a few visits for adjustments and refitting.

Let’s Get You A Great Fitting Arm

Contact us at Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics in Las Vegas. We can help you through the entire process of getting a new above the elbow prosthetic arm. Make your appointment today. We look forward to meeting you.

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