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At Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics, serving you in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, we offer a variety of below elbow prosthetics from cutting-edge brands including i-Limb, Bebionic, Hero Arm, Dynamic Arm, and Fillauer. Based on your unique needs, we can also fabricate and fit a custom prosthetic that will work right for you.

What Is A Transradial Prosthesis?

Below Elbow Prosthetic VegasA transradial, or below elbow prosthetic device replaces the missing limb segment from the elbow down to and including the hand. These prosthetic arms can be used by people with congenital limb loss as well as medical amputees. Depending on the device chosen, a below elbow prosthesis can enable the wearer to engage in many daily living activities – from cooking and shopping all the way up to active sports.

Below Elbow Prosthetic Arm Options

Below Elbow Prosthetics VegasLike many other types of prosthetics, transradial prosthetics come in five primary varieties. Costs and functionality vary amongst the different options depending on the materials and technology used.

  • Passive Function Prosthetics. Also known as cosmetic prosthetics, these are the least functional and least expensive type of prosthesis. Designed to look like the missing arm, wrist, and hand, passive function prostheses don’t allow much gripping, rotation, or flexing.
  • Conventional Prosthetics. These attach to the upper body and are also called as body-powered prosthetics. The wearer controls them through a cable and harness system manipulated via various upper body movements. Conventional below elbow prosthetics are durable, lightweight, easy to operate, and lower cost than myoelectric, hybrid, and adaptive prostheses.
  • Myoelectric Prosthetics. Also known as electrically powered or externally powered prosthetics, these devices contain batteries and innovative computer technology. They attach to the residual limb and are controlled by the electrical impulses generated by the wearer’s muscles. Myoelectric prosthetics are high tech, extremely functional, comfortable, and represent the current standard in prosthetic technology.
  • Hybrid Prosthetics. These offer a combination of conventional and externally powered prosthetic technology.
  • Adaptive (Recreational) Prosthetics. These are designed for specific activities such as sports. Lower limb adaptive prosthetics such as blades for runners receive a lot of media attention, but a custom-fitted adaptive transradial prosthesis can allow you to engage in swimming, basketball, and other sports requiring arm, hand, and finger functionality.

Below Elbow Prosthetics In Las Vegas

At Evolve Prosthetics Orthotics, our Las Vegas prosthetists will work with you to find a transradial prosthetic solution that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a brand name prosthetic arm or a custom-fabricated device, we will work to provide a below elbow prosthesis to suit your activity requirements. Call today and schedule your free consultation.

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