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Whether you are ready to be fitted for your first prosthetic foot or are looking to upgrade your current prosthetic device, the doctors at Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics in Las Vegas & Henderson can help. Our caring providers will work with you to find the best foot to suit your lifestyle, whether that is off-the-shelf foot prosthesis or a custom fabricated device designed just for you.

Foot Prosthetics – Restore Your Active Lifestyle

Modern prosthetics don’t just enable you to walk and engage in everyday living activities with ease; recent technological advances in prosthetic feet design allow amputees to enjoy a high level of activity. For instance, specialty devices may allow you to participate in high-energy sports and other recreational activities that you love.

Some of the many activities that are possible with prosthetic lower limbs and feet include:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Golfing
  • Skiing
  • Rock Climbing

Types Of Prosthetic Feet

There are many types of prosthetic feet, which differ in terms of functionality, durability, maintenance requirements, and pricing. During your consultation with us, we can help you decide on a type of foot prosthesis that will work with your current or desired lifestyle.

  • SACH & Elastic Keel Prosthetic Feet
  • Single-Axis Prosthetic Feet
  • Multi-Axis Prosthetic Feet
  • Dynamic-Response Prosthetic Feet
  • Microprocessor Prosthetic Feet

Non-Articulated Feet

SACH and elastic keel prosthetic feet are non-articulated, meaning they have no hinged parts. They are molded to look like a human foot, are durable, and are nearly maintenance-free. These prosthetics also provide you with the least amount of mobility.

Doctors may prescribe these types of feet to amputees who do a limited amount of walking and who don’t often vary the pace of their walking.

Single-Axis & Multi-Axis – Mobility & Stability

In terms of foot prosthetics, “axis” refers to motion in planes that mimic human foot motion. A single-axis foot can move up and down, and it may be suited to an amputee who requires extra stability, while a multi-axis foot can also move from side to side, performs better on uneven terrain, and absorbs some of the stress from walking.

Dynamic-Response – Comfort & Responsiveness

A dynamic-response foot allows a greater range of motion and activity for amputees who want to vary their walking speed, walk longer distances, and change directions quickly. This type of prosthetic foot absorbs and releases energy during the walking process, and offers a higher level of comfort, a better range of motion, and a higher activity level than less expensive options.

Microprocessor – A High-Tech Option

The goal of microprocessor prosthetic feet is to mimic the function of the human foot more closely. They use computer technology to react to environmental situations to improve your balance and mobility as the terrain or other external conditions change in real-time.

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Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics looks forward to serving you in the Las Vegas Valley. Make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your activity level and goals with one of our prosthetic doctors. We will answer all of your questions, and help design the best prosthetic foot solution for your unique needs.

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