Knee Orthotics

Knee Othotics &Amp; Custom Knee Braces

If your physician has prescribed knee orthotics, Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics in Las Vegas can help you find the best off-the-shelf or custom knee brace option. Whether you are healing from a recent injury, suffering from painful osteoarthritis symptoms, or have another condition requiring an orthotic brace, our specialists will identify and fit the best device to stabilize your knee and support your lifestyle.

Never Settle For A Bad Fit

You might be tempted to purchase a cheap, one-size-fits-all knee brace from a drugstore or general retailer. These ill-fitting devices can end up causing more harm than good. The knee is a complex joint that absorbs up to 80% of your body weight when standing. There is at high risk for injury, especially among athletes and older individuals.

The Advantage Of Custom Knee Braces

For prolonged use, you should only wear orthotics prescribed and fitted by a medical professional. We will identify the correct type of brace for your body, specific diagnosis, and movement needs. Whether you choose custom-designed and fabricated or off-the-shelf, you have options.

Types Of Knee Orthotics

The kind of orthoses you choose will depend on what it’s for, how long you’ll wear it, and what you hope to do with it. In general, orthotics and braces can be divided into four categories:

  1. Functional Knee Braces: These braces are designed to provide support and stability for individuals with ligament injuries, such as ACL or PCL tears. They often feature hinges to control knee movement.
  2. Unloader Knee Braces: Ideal for individuals with osteoarthritis, unloader knee braces help shift the weight away from the affected part of the knee, reducing pain and improving joint function.
  3. Post-Operative Knee Braces: Customized for individuals recovering from knee surgery, these braces offer support, protection, and controlled movement during the rehabilitation period.
  4. Patellar Stabilizing Braces: Targeting conditions like patellofemoral pain syndrome, these braces provide support to the kneecap, helping to stabilize its movement.
  5. Prophylactic (Preventive) Knee Braces: Athletes often use these braces to prevent injuries, especially in high-impact sports. They provide additional support and reduce the risk of ligament sprains or tears.

Orthotics Keep Your Knees Moving

We carry a variety of cutting-edge orthotics. Whether your doctor has prescribed a prophylactic, functional, rehabilitative, or offloader brace, we can help. We carry brands known for quality and durability.

When an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t quite meet your needs, we also provide custom braces to ensure the best solution for you.

Get Help From An Orthotic Knee Brace Specialist

Please don’t hesitate to call us at Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics for your initial consultation. Our location serves patients throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Providing excellent patient care is our priority, so contact us today and let us find you the right custom knee brace.

Knee Orthotic FAQs

These braces are effective for a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to osteoarthritis, ligament injuries (such as ACL or PCL tears), meniscus injuries, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and post-surgical rehabilitation. They are also beneficial for athletes looking to prevent injuries or provide additional support during physical activities.
Custom orthotic knee braces are designed to provide a balance between support and comfort. By tailoring the brace to the individual's anatomy, discomfort and irritation are minimized. Additionally, advancements in materials and design contribute to the overall comfort of these braces during prolonged use.
Yes, many custom orthotic knee braces are suitable for use during sports and physical activities. Some braces are specifically designed for athletes, providing the necessary support and protection without restricting movement excessively.
In many cases, insurance plans may cover the cost of custom orthotic knee braces, especially if they are deemed medically necessary. It's advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand the coverage details and any required documentation from your healthcare provider.
Yes, orthotic knee braces can be designed for both knees if necessary. In cases where individuals have bilateral knee issues or require additional support for both knees, a healthcare professional can assess and prescribe braces tailored to each knee's specific needs.
While custom orthotic knee braces provide stability and support, modern designs aim to balance this with maintaining a reasonable range of motion. Functional braces, in particular, are engineered to allow controlled movement while protecting and supporting the knee joint.
Many custom orthotic knee braces come with adjustable features, such as straps, hinges, and closures. These adjustments allow for a personalized fit and enable healthcare providers to fine-tune the brace to meet the changing needs of the wearer as they progress through their recovery or treatment.
Custom orthotic knee braces are individually crafted based on precise measurements and assessments of the wearer's anatomy, providing a personalized fit and tailored support. In contrast, off-the-shelf knee braces are pre-manufactured and available in standard sizes, offering a more generic solution. The main differences lie in the level of customization, fit, and targeted support.
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