Knee Orthotics

Orthotic Knee Braces

If your physician has prescribed a knee orthotic, Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics in Henderson can help you find the best off the shelf or custom option for you. Whether you are healing from a recent injury, suffering from painful osteoarthritis symptoms, or have another condition requiring a custom knee brace, our specialists will be able to identify and fit the best device to stabilize your knee and support your lifestyle.

Never Settle For A Bad Fit

You might be tempted to purchase a cheap, one-size-fits-all knee brace from a drugstore or general retailer. These ill-fitting devices can end up causing more harm than good. The knee is a complex joint that absorbs up to 80% of your body weight when standing. It is at high risk for injury, especially among athletes and older individuals.

The Advantage Of Personalization

For prolonged use, you should only use knee orthotics that are prescribed and fitted by a medical professional. We will identify the right type of brace for your body, specific diagnosis, and movement needs. Whether you choose custom-designed and fabricated or off-the-shelf, you have options.

Types Of Knee Orthotics

The kind of knee orthoses you choose will depend on what it’s for, how long you’ll wear it, and what you hope to do with it on. In general, knee orthotics and braces can be divided into four categories.

  • Prophylactic Knee Braces – designed to prevent and reduce the severity of ligament injuries such as to the MCL
  • Functional Knee Braces – support the healing of ACL injuries; minimize rotation, and support mild or moderate MCL and PCL instability
  • Rehabilitative Knee Braces – limit harmful knee movements during the rehabilitative period following a knee injury
  • Unloader/Offloader Knee Braces – provide relief to arthritic knees, or those awaiting knee replacement surgery, by putting pressure on the thigh bone to unload knee joint stress.

Orthotics That Keep You Moving

We carry a variety of cutting-edge knee orthotics. Whether your doctor has prescribed a prophylactic, functional, rehabilitative, or offloader brace, we can help. We carry top name brands known for quality and durability.

  • Donjoy
  • Cti
  • Townsend
  • Breg

When an off the shelf solution doesn’t quite meet your needs, we also provide custom orthotic design services to ensure the best solution for you.

Las Vegas & Henderson Knee Brace Specialists

Please don’t hesitate to call us at Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics for your initial consultation. Our Henderson, NV location serves patients throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Providing excellent patient care is our priority, so contact us today and let us find you the right custom knee brace.

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