Pin & Suction Suspension Prosthetics

Pin Suction Suspension

If you’re looking for pin and suction suspension prosthetics that fit securely and comfortably, visit us at Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics in Las Vegas, NV. We offer off the shelf and custom designed prosthesis to give you the freedom to live your best life.

We want you to love the way you look, feel, and move so you feel confident doing the things you enjoy. Learn more about dual suspension pin and suction and whether it’s a good fit for you.

What Are Pin & Suction Suspension Systems?

Pin and suction hybrid suspension systems take the security of a simple pin and lock and the comfort of suction for a reliable fit that just feels better. These lightweight systems are great for lower limbs where they help to decrease pistoning and distal pressure, with or without a sleeve.

  • Easier To Put On & Take Off
  • Improved Gait & Balance
  • Reduced Wear On Skin & Liners
  • More Comfortable To Walk On
  • May Not Require A Sleeve
  • Limb Is Less Likely To Displace

The Right Fit Makes All The Difference

Part of deciding whether or not pin and suction suspension is right for you is getting the right fit. If your above the knee, below the knee, or upper extremity prosthetic seems too tight or too loose, you may just need a professional fit adjustment.

Choosing Suspension For Your Prosthesis

Your lifestyle is an essential factor in choosing the best prosthetic system. Talk to your prosthetist about whether pin and suction meets not only your current needs, but also how things might change in the future.

  • Work Environment
  • Future Plans & Goals
  • Physical Activity Level
  • Hobbies Like Hiking Or Swimming
  • Medical Issues That Affect Skin Or Circulation

High-Quality Custom-Fitted Prosthetics

For more answers about pin and suction prosthetic suspensions, call us at Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics of Las Vegas. Schedule a free consultation with our prosthetist. We will help you find the right system and the right fit for you.

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