Tips for Buying Shoes For Orthotics & AFOs

Tips For Buying Shoes For Orthotics &Amp; Afos

Living with a condition that requires the use of AFOs can make buying shoes a bit tricky. Fortunately, Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics in Las Vegas, Nevada, will help you find the right pair with our guide below.

Where Do I Buy Footwear For Orthotics?

You can always shop online for some great deals, but going in person if possible is recommended. Most stores that sell shoes will have a couple of styles that should work. If you shop online, make sure that the return policy states you can return them for a full refund. This will allow you to try on your footwear and try different sizes without fear of losing money.

What Kind Of Shoes Work Best for Orthotics And AFOs?

We recommend lace-up style shoes and athletic sneakers since they can offer more support for leg braces and AFOs. Look for shoes that have a larger width and a roomier toe box. If you don’t mind the look, Velcro enclosures also make putting on your footwear a breeze.

What Brands Should I Look For?

While most brands of lace-up sneakers have at least one style that will work we recommend that you shop for a brand that is specifically made for orthotics.

  • Brooks
  • Drew Bloom
  • Hatchbacks
  • Answer 2 Shoes for AFOs
  • Plae Shoes

What Are Some Shoe Hacks To Make Them Work Better?

You might have to shop for a size up for your orthotics. However, if you have paraplegia or significant muscle atrophy on one side of the foot, this might make your foot smaller, so you might not need to size up at all.

Consider removing the insoles and replacing them with custom insoles for added room. You can also install a back zipper which is the best “cheat” way to outfit your shoes for orthotics without compromising on style.

What Types Of Shoes Are A Lost Cause?

It’s best to stick with shoes for orthotics that allow your foot to breathe and offer support. Heels are a no-go, as are stiff leather loafers and flip-flops. Consider opting for flats, sports sneakers for formal wear, or placing a clear strap on your flip-flops for those lazy days around the pool!

Find Your Next Pair Of Orthotics Shoes

Evolve Prosthetics & Orthotics in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, is here to help you find your next pair of custom insoles and AFOs. Call us today for a free consultation and to get started with your custom fitting.

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